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Whether you are recovering from surgery, on your weight loss transformation journey, or have achieved your goal weight and are maintaining it for the first time in your life, this area of the Banded LivingTM community is designed for you.

Follow the links below to find the inspiration, information and support you are looking for:



How I Streamline Meal Planning And Prep To Keep my Success After Weight Loss Surgery
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
Most of you know I had Lap Band Surgery in 2004. I lost 270 pounds and am maintaining that loss. Did the Lap Band - or any weight loss surgery for that matter, do it for me? NO… As you all know, we have to do the work as well. I admit it - I LOVE food and I will only eat delicious food. I am NOT on a Diet. I am, 13 years later, living a life I never could have imagined when I hobbled along, in constant pain, at 424 lbs. . . . keep reading

Is It Really Hunger OR Am I Tired?
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
Here it is, a few years later and I find myself hungry today. I stop, apply HALTS and realize I am tired. I had a bad night of insomnia last night. Good thing I am following a Kick Start eating plan this week -- super low carbs, lots of firm protein, and low carb veggies. I can add an extra snack of lunch meat, cheese or jerky to get me through. . . . keep reading

A Positive Attitude Is What Has Brought Me This Far in My Successful Lap Band Journey
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
I was thinking about what I was going to share with you all today and my head went to the place of "I can't come up with anything new". While that may be true, when I look at what I have done to lose my weight, regain my health and life, and be an active 68 years young - it's about the "rules" for sure - food, fitness, hydration, vitamins, etc.; it doesn't begin to touch on how I get through my days. . . . keep reading

Going That Extra Mile for Long Term Success After Weight Loss Surgery
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
"At 211 degrees water is hot. At 212 degrees it boils. And with boiling water comes steam, and with steam you can power a train." Sam Parker Putting forth that extra effort, being persistent in the continual application of "steam" (extra effort) to whatever we undertake will get us extraordinary results. Extraordinary results begin with one small change. . . . keep reading

Daily Action Plans For Long Term Success After Lap Band Surgery
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
Been thinking about Daily Action Plans today and I went into a detail of what my days will look like this week to achieve my goal for the week which is to lose about 2 lbs. As I wrote my plan for my meals (all delicious by the way) and my fitness and my water I realized once again that it is in this act- this act of planning my days, knowing what comes next, and having a Plan B somewhere at the bottom of my purse for when things change, that has allowed me to be successful. . . . keep reading

Long Term Lap Band Success - The Rules - Why Do We Resist Them?
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
As I am embarking on my 14th year after weight loss surgery and maintaining a 250+ pound weight loss people often ask me how I do it. My answer is really not very complicated - I followed the rules my doctor gave me before surgery and I continue to follow them all these years later. The typical response to my reply is the glazed eye look and the statement "but it's so hard to________". You can finish it with whichever rule or rules you choose to put in there. . . . keep reading

Long Term Weight Loss Surgery Success and The Trigger Foods Of Summer
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
A trigger food is a specific food that sets off a course of overeating where control is lost. The most common trigger foods are calorie-dense, highly palatable foods that are often combinations of sugar and fat (e.g. ice cream, cookies) or fat and salt (e.g. nuts, potato chips, French fries). . . . keep reading


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Is It Really Hunger OR Am I Tired?
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog

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