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Whether you are recovering from surgery, on your weight loss transformation journey, or have achieved your goal weight and are maintaining it for the first time in your life, this area of the Banded LivingTM community is designed for you.

Follow the links below to find the inspiration, information and support you are looking for:



Emotional Eating Doesn't Serve My Long Term Success After Weight Loss Surgery
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
I am human, and the nature of human beings is that we are not perfect. I am not perfect. Every now and again over the past 13 years I seem to let it slip my mind that I am a weight loss surgery patient. It's usually during times of stress, be they family, financial, medical or whatever. I then find myself eating cookies, chips, froyo, ice cream and other assorted processed junk foods. . . . keep reading

Being Sick Totally Cramps My Style In Ways I Never Would Have Thought About - Long Term WLS Success
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
I hadn't realized how much a part of my daily life all of this activity had become. I have been at it long enough that I take my freedom of movement and my energy levels for granted. All I can say at this point is that I wake up every day, even while I am not feeling my best, and am grateful for the new chance at living a full and active life that I was given when I chose to have weight loss surgery. . . . keep reading

What I Have Learned After 13 Years As a Weight Loss Surgery Patient
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
May 28, 2004. That was the day I was reborn. I was given a second chance to salvage my adult life, my health, my relationship with myself and others, and to find my WHY. Many begin their journey knowing their WHY - they want to get rid of meds, cure obesity related diseases, fit into single digit size clothes, play on the floor with their kids or grandkids. I wanted all of this, and at the time of my surgery never knew I wanted more. I never knew I could have more. . . . keep reading

Thirteen Years After Lap Band Surgery And Still Living My Best Life
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
I am in Portland OR Making A Difference With The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation Of America, and then I will be taking a few days to hike and explore the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood, and whatever else calls to us in that beautiful area. Since on 5/28/17 I will be 13 years post op I thought this was a great article to share with you. . . . keep reading

Weight Loss Surgery -- Is It The Easy Way Out?
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
More and more seriously overweight people are turning to weight loss surgery to assist them in taking off and keeping off the excess pounds that are causing or exacerbating other medical conditions and interfering with their quality of life. Many people worry that they will be criticized for taking the easy way out. . . . keep reading

It's The Non-Scale Victories That Keep Me Motivated After WLS Surgery
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
I am often asked how I keep doing it after almost 13 years… how do I stay motivated, inspired, and on point? First of all I have to admit I am NOT perfect. I have never been, nor do I ever expect to be PERFECT….. To me perfect means flawless, without fault, quintessential, best, ultimate. I am the best me that I can be each day; however that is not flawless by any means. . . . keep reading

Spending A Weekend Just For YOU Can Lead To Long Term Weight Loss Surgery Success
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
I recently returned from a weekend in Tacoma Washington with 16 wonderful women. We laughed, we cried, we painted pictures of Wonder Woman, we walked along the water, we worked hard together, we got fitted for new walking/running shoes together, we ate all of our meals together. . . . keep reading


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What I Have Learned After 13 Years As a Weight Loss Surgery Patient
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog

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