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Home | Lap Band Success Stories

Lap Band Success Stories

Welcome to Lap Band Success Stories. No matter where you are in your personal journey you can get some inspiration here reading the stories of others. We welcome you sending us your story to to add to these pages.  

Success After Weight Loss Surgery - Seven Years Post-Op and 160 pounds lighter
Well who would have thought that 7 years ago today (July 6th) I'd be getting something called a "lapband". I had done all my research; talk to the doctors several times prior to my surgery. I joined the Yahoo Group Canadian Lapbanders and asked a ton of questions. I was in the chat room every night for two months prior to surgery and I even spoke with two patients on the phone. I was ready to begin my lapband journey. . . . keep reading
Amber H's Story
"So, how long have you been obese?This was the first question my bariatric surgeon asked me on the day of my consultation in February 2009. I remember a puzzled look coming across my face and saying, "since birth?" While we shared a laugh, it wasn't far from the truth. I came into this world with my identical twin sister at 6 pounds, 8 ounces. By kindergarten, I weighed 101 pounds. I come from a family… . . . keep reading
Lap Band Success Stories: Dawn's Story
By: Dawn W.
Hi, my name is Dawn......When I was told about this opportunity to share my story with you, I was soooooooooo excited. I'm excited because I know that my story is truly an amazing story of how the Lap-Band surgery has transformed my life in just 10 short months. . . . keep reading
Clare's LapBanded Living - Changing My Mind
By: Clare Pattison
This weight loss journey is full of twists and turns, some are expected, and some come as quite a surprise. An unexpected twist for me was how much of a mind game it would be. . . . keep reading
Lap Band Success Stories : Chris C's Story
My name is Chris and I was a morbidly obese man who weighed close to 450 po . . . keep reading
Lap Band Success Stories: Betsy's Story
By: Betsy
My battle with weight began in my mother's head.  Painfully a . . . keep reading
Lap Band Success Stories: Chaz' StoryChaz's Corner - LapBANDED Living From The Male Perspective
By: Chaz
What can I life had spun out of control somehow?   How . . . keep reading
Lap Band Success Stories: Patty's Story
By: Patty
My relationship with obesity and dieting has existed as long as I can remember.  I could write manuscripts on the topic.. . . . keep reading

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