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Exploring Weight Loss Surgery

Welcome to the Exploring lap band surgery phase of Banded Living™. You've come to the right place if you are researching weight loss surgery and working to answer the question "Is lap band surgery for me?"

The lap band is not a "magic wand" and it's not for everyone. When used correctly, a lap band helps with portion control, hunger, and satiety. The goal of the exploring phase is to make an informed decision "with your eyes wide open". While you are exploring surgery, you should work towards making an informed decision by building a solid foundation of knowledge - understanding your weight loss surgery options, benefits and risks, set realistic goals and understand what life is like with a lap band. You should attend a surgeon-sponsored free informational seminar, have a surgical consult, and begin assembling a strong team that you are comfortable will help ensure your success.

Before Lap Band Surgery Forums
ForumRecent Post
Surgical Practices/Lap Band Doctors Looking for some advice.
09/06/17 09:36 PM by Sandi
Things We Wish We Knew Before Lap Band Surgery pain after eating
08/09/17 03:20 PM by Sandi
08/02/17 02:45 PM by Sandi
Building Your Lap Band Support Team FREE Phone Support Group Thursday 7/13
07/12/17 04:53 PM by Sandi
Things We Wish We Knew Before Lap Band Surgery FREE Phone Support Group Thursday 7/13
07/12/17 04:52 PM by Sandi
Introductions re-start on my band
07/11/17 02:44 PM by Sandi
Introductions In Need of Advice
07/05/17 03:30 PM by Sandi
Things We Wish We Knew Before Lap Band Surgery FREE Phone Support Group Saturday July 1st
06/28/17 02:30 PM by Sandi
Introductions Just starting the process
04/26/17 06:41 PM by Sandi
Things We Wish We Knew Before Lap Band Surgery FREE TELEPHONE SUPPORT GROUP CALL
03/29/17 02:03 PM by Sandi

Weight Loss Surgery Is, or Is Not, The Easy Way Out
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
Today I am reprinting a blog I wrote back at least 6 years ago - Is Weight Loss Surgery The Easy Way Out? I get angry every time a "newbie" tells me that folks are saying they took the easy way out by having surgery. . . . keep reading
New 15 Year Study Proves That Gastric Band Surgery Is Effective
By: Joe Bragg
Because obesity is a chronic disease, any proposed obesity treatment should be expected to demonstrate long-term durability to be considered effective. Yet for bariatric surgery, few long-term weight loss data are available. . . . keep reading
Obesity As A Disease - One Doctor's Take
By: Dr. Yoni Freedhoff
In his June 24th, 2013 Blog post on Weighty Matters, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff comments on the American Medical Association's declaration that obesity is a disease. He makes some great points. What do you think? Here is what Dr. Freedhoff has to say: . . . keep reading
The Weight Loss Surgery Dilemma - Should I Choose LAP-BAND™ or....
By: Sandi Henderson SandisBandedLiving Blog
I promised you all round two of the meeting I just attended of the LAP-BAND™ Patient Executive Council. I find that when I sit and look at all we talked about, and all we accomplished, and all of the studies that were presented to us a few things stood out for me.... . . . keep reading
Long Term Lap Band Success - It's Not Just Me Folks, And We Have Evidence To Prove It!
By: Sandi Henderson from SandisBandedLiving Blog
As I sit here thinking about the latest trend in weight loss surgeries which is certainly the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, aka the VSG or "Sleeve", I remember that my chosen surgery was the latest and greatest back in 2004 when I chose to have Lap Band surgery. At the time, as well as now in 2013 Gastric Bypass is still called "the gold standard" in weight loss surgery.... . . . keep reading

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Tis The Season to Be Grateful - Happiness After Weight Loss Surgery
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog

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