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Recovering from Lap Band Surgery

Welcome to the Recovering phase of Banded Living™.  You've just had surgery, and you're on your way!

This stage starts right after surgery and generally lasts about four weeks, although you should expect to be able to return to work in a week or two(unless your job requires greater than average physical activity, in which case your surgeon will tell you how long a recovery time you're likely to need).  In this stage, you are recovering from surgery, and learning how to eat all over again.  Be sure you understand all of your doctors instructions and have those instruction is writing to refer to over and over again.  You will be on strict orders about what you can eat and drink.  You will be progressing from clear liquids, to full liquids, to soft or "mushy" foods, and finally to solids AS PRESCRIBED BY YOUR SURGEON.

Most of us experience a profound absence of hunger right after surgery.  Remember this feeling; it may seem completely new to you.  As you heal, a sense of hunger will return.

As much as you know this, and may not want to hear it, the recovery phase is not about weight loss; it is about healing.  Most of us experience a wide range of emotions from excitement, to buyer's remorse.  You're not alone; you have your Banded Living™ community to support you through the recovery phase.

After Lap Band Surgery Forums
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Lap Banded Living - Living Life Along the Journey! Do you plan your food?
10/15/14 03:27 PM by sandi2004
Introductions New to the Community
10/14/14 01:13 PM by sandi2004
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10/13/14 11:08 AM by Glenda Sharp
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10/11/14 09:06 AM by sandi2004
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10/11/14 09:01 AM by sandi2004
“Re-Booting”: Regain and Plateaus How strong are your new lifestyle habits?
10/11/14 04:08 AM by yolanda_evans
Lap Banded Living - Living Life Along the Journey! struggling with work life balance
10/06/14 08:17 AM by yolanda_evans
Proteins Drinks, Likes, Dislikes and More favorite protein drink/recipe
10/04/14 09:51 PM by dawntrusler
Lap Banded Living - Living Life Along the Journey! Nipping cravings in the bud before they bloom
09/29/14 11:01 PM by yolanda_evans
“Re-Booting”: Regain and Plateaus WLSFA California Dreamin Fundraiser
09/28/14 10:06 AM by DIXALEE

Lap Band Success - Aftercare Is Key Wherever You Are On Your Journey To Health
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
As I stepped off the elliptical this morning with a nice "glow" (okay I was sweating like the proverbial pig), it suddenly came to me - DUH, I could have had a V8…No, all kidding aside I had an epiphany of sorts. I am currently 9 years 6 months post-op LAP BAND. I began my journey at 424 pounds. This morning I weighed in at 183 pounds, 7 pounds up from my lowest recorded weight(174 plus 2 for my silicone implants). That's acceptable and I am thrilled. So what was the epiphany? . . . keep reading
My Life After Lap Band Surgery - Dealing With Change or How Not to Feed The Beast
By: Sandi Henderson, From SandisBandedLiving Blog
My world has been turned kind of sideways recently and I find my body and my mind reacting negatively to the changes. You know, when things change sometimes we find ourselves not wanting to embrace the changes and move on, but rather spend countless minutes, days, weeks and previously years denying the changes and finding a way to self medicate. . . . keep reading

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Long Term Lap Band Success - With Or Without My Band
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog
Preparing For Lap Band surgery -- What To Have On Hand.
By: Sandi Henderson From SandisBandedLiving Blog

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